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American Steel Fabricators
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 914-6869
cell: 236-0771 or 528-5665


The beam positioner is the highlight of the entire line. It eliminates the need for overhead cranes or dangerous hand tools that are normally used to "flip" a beam. Further, odd angles can be accomodated, resulting in better weld quality and less worker fatigue.
The workpiece is moved from the rolls and into the positioner via a transverse hydraulic jack. After the beam is mounted in the positioner, the jack is returned to its' place, in line with the rolls.
Clamping chucks at each end of the beam are adjustable for beam length and working height. In this view, a helper assists the fitter to ensure correct procedure. The clamping chucks can be altered and adjusted to accommodate any type or size of stock.
Once the beam is secured in the positioner, fitment and welding of parts is a simple process. On completion, the beams are moved by forklift to the painting area.
American Steel Fabricators can build this line to any specifications, shipped worldwide. Call or email to arrange details for lead time and deposit. We look forward to working with you!

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