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American Steel Fabricators
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 914-6869
cell: 236-0771 or 528-5665

Specializing in portable, durable steel fabrication facilities.

We need a short sales pitch here, explaining what the beamline is, what it does, how cheap it is to order and operate, and how easy it is to break down and move, by truck, container or helicopter to the job site. Just write that out with any word processor, and we can insert it here. We can add links at the bottom of this page to explain each section of the line, using pictures to click on, or just words that are linked to the additional pages. So- that's done. If you like the lay-out, we just need to change the words here, and on the Order page, then put it up. To get this on the web, the domain name regristration costs about $15 for a year, and hosting is about $10 a month; maybe less. I was dealing with a company in California for hosting that has very reasonable costs and a good strong server, with almost no down time. If you want, I can call him up and get a package price, where he does the whole thing, with registration of the domain and hosting of the site. It takes about 3 days to get it up and running.

Cutting station

Punching station


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