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American Steel Fabricators
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 914-6869
cell: 236-0771 or 528-5665

So, you think you want this thing for yourself, eh? Well, it's gonna' cost you plenty pal, and we're talking American dinero here. It wasn't easy, building this stuff, or doing all of the things that it took just to bring it to you on the web like this. Dig into your pocket, deep, and decide how much this means to you. Save up, if you have to, or get something going with some slick loans or investors. You wouldn't have come to this page unless you had something in mind that needs to be built. This assembly line is like a car. It can take you from where you are to where you need to be. You wouldn't build your own car, and you don't have to build your own version of the American Steel Fabricators beam line. If you want extras, like a cover for shade, or special trailers, so the whole thing just stays attached to the wheels, let us know, and we can do that. Just get your funding in order, and put enough up front for us to build the thing, and you got it. If you need separate gas or diesel generators, or machines with thier own gas or diesel power, just say so. We don't give a hoot if you are from Burundi, Bhopal, or Bumfuck. Money talks. You have things to do. This is what you need. Let's talk. Call or email, and let's build YOUR unit, next.

Cutting station

Punching station


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