Everything changes
on a boat that only goes South!
And change they have! Read the newest update (June, 2001) to find out! We're closer than ever to internet cafes, and living the life in Huatulco, Mexico!
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JUNE 2001 Update
Last log entries, and latest pictures from the trip to Huatulco and other points of interest.

Our fearless sea captain recently visited the Panama canal, and some points along the way. Come along for the image galleries!
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3
The Ships Log
Has become the main feature of this site, just because that's where things are being added.
You can look through the whole thing if you want, or jump to the latest entries by
selecting a page from the list below.

Ships Log Page 1

Ships Log Page 2

Ships Log Page 3

The Great Push to Costa Rica!

Wherein el Bucko overcomes fierce pirates, storms, and other scary stuff,
finally to arrive at the first destination of his quest...

Still heading South, to Panama!

So, how well can you expect the MacGregor 26 to do on a "week-end" cruise that runs into years? Find out in this story about
That Magnificent Little Ship
All of the original content is still up, way back to when El Bucko was still
working for a living, back in Marina Del Rey.
His resume', skippers' license, and earlier photos are all accessed from

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